The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzsybris

Wowzers. That about sums it up but I’ll elaborate anyways. Let me preface this by saying we were playing at noon. I know allot of people do allot of things before noon, but for Sybris pre-noon activities are like a regular person getting up at 2am to go to work. So, back to the story, I’m woken up by a phone call an hour and a half after my alarm was supposed to go off. The band is in front of my apartment waiting for me, having packed up my gear for me. I literally get Dominique Wilkens type air jumping out of bed and into non-nakedness. I enter the car. 94 minutes to show o’clock.

Not exactly how I wanted to start the day but hey, it’s all going to work out now. Right? Wrong. As we start to set up on stage Angela realizes she does not have her pedal suitcase. It is 45 minutes to show o’clock. We check the van. We look backstage. We look everywhere. She manically hails a cab back to the practice space and we continue to sound check. We pace. We act unconcerned. We begin to sing the wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald with a slight change of wording to reflect our impending band wreck on the rocky shores of Pritzker Pavilion.

I get a call from Dave from Apteka(our very kind transportation for the day). He had left with the van because it wouldn’t fit in the parking garages. It turns out we forgot my slide and ebow(it’s guitar stuff, very necessary for about half the set). He heads back to drop them off. It’s 20 minutes to show time.

Dave arrives with my guitar gadgets. The stage manager asks the band to meet her back stage. Eric and I oblige. It is 10 minutes to show o’clock. Angela is not back. Shawn is MIA.

7 minutes to show o’clock.
4 minutes to show o’clock, I see Shawn walking towards the stage, hey 3 out of 4 band members isn’t bad, a majority really. Maybe we’ll just make noise till she gets here.

At 11:57 Angela returns suitcase in hand with a nervous smile. We start right on time.

Actually I wasn’t worried at all.

Photo by Joe Marinaro

Photo by Joe Marinaro

Some kind words from Loud Loop Press, Thanks Ross Meyerson!

Chicago’s own Sybris – which sounds like every city has a Sybris – are pretty much what you’re looking for if you’re looking for indie rock. I mean, this is in the pocket classic style indie rock. How so? Because it’s first and foremost rock. That used to actually be a criteria in order to be considered indie rock. It’s right in the name, folks. You can hear Sonic Youth in there. Maybe a little Helium. I hear a smidge of Butterglory but you don’t know who they are. What I’m saying is that Sybris do this crazy thing we call indie rock right. And they seem genuinely excited for this show at Pritzker Pavilion so that can only mean good things. You’d be well served to set your alarms and catch them before heading over to that big old festival you’re probably heading over to later. (Ross Meyerson)

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