Back to Life, Back to Reality

So what a week that was! A lot of new fans and friends came out of our leg of the Brand New/Manchester Orchestra tour. Not that I was suprised by this but both bands and all their crew are such sweet hearts. Their really all salt of the earth, humble and a fun bunch.

It’s amazing how many stories can come out of one week. Bowling after the St. Louis show with bands and crew ended in a tightly contested match. My team, the Winners, ironically lost by a mere 23 points while the other team pulled some shady member switching. Shawn led the way for them with a late flurry of spares and strikes, looks like all that yoga he’s doing is good for 10 pins as well.   Bowling after playing to 2500 very receptive fans?  Sign me up.

Empty Aragon Ballroom

Empty Aragon Ballroom

Oh, and the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago.  What a show that was.   For Eric and I growing up near Chicago it was the place to see our favorite bands.  I saw Flaming Lips and Hum open for Candlebox (ick).   More recently I saw The Pixies their as well.  The thing is it’s just so BIG.   At just a shade under 5000, a sold out crowd, it was literally a sea of people.  During the first song Angela’s mic stand went limp, shrinking to half it’s height.   Amazingly she just dropped to one knee and kept singing in the now 3 foot tall mic.   She even shimmied up with the mic as it was raised up during the song.   After recovering from something like that without missing a beat how could the night not be magical.

Aragon - All filled up.

Aragon - All filled up.

Yeah there’s a lot of stories, too many to sort through now. It’s all swimming around in a poloroid fishbowl in my head.  I’m sure a few more will spill out soon.



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