Bards and Brewers launch “Voyage of the Stag Party”



Our new vinyl EP– c0-released in a limited pressing of 300 by Floyd Global Industries–is also a classic era D&D-style adventure module. ¬†Titled “Voyage of the Stag Party”, the adventure/EP release commemorates the 6th year of members of Sybris and brewers from Three Floyds gaming together. The release party on Friday, April 5th at Bottom Lounge’s Volcano Room in Chicago will feature a Three Floyds tap takeover, performances by Sybris, Rabid Rabbit, and Killer Moon–as well as a chance for guests to sit down for some real dice rolling gameplay.

For the past 6 years, members of Sybris and brewers from Three Floyds have gotten together almost every Friday night (barring touring or work duties) to gather in a smoky garage or around a customized game table to play the classic role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons. When Sybris started writing a D&D inspired song, “Critically in Love,” the idea to release the song as part of an adventure was born.

To commemorate this hobby-turned-lifestyle, the adventuring party–known as The Endless Wastes–are releasing a special edition limited EP. The seven inch vinyl record contains three Sybris songs: two recorded by Sanford Parker (Nachtmystium, Pelican, Yakuza), and one by Mike Lust (Bible of the Devil, Urge Overkill, Tight Phantomz). The EP jacket is actually a “retro-clone” adventure module: “The Voyage of The Stag Party,” complete with maps and pre-rolled characters. The adventure, written by Chad Troutman with members Phil Naumann and Shawn Podgurski of Sybris, contains several tongue-in-cheek references to both Sybris and Three Floyds and is based on the songs “Stag Party” and “Boots of Gold.” The third song, “Critically in Love” is a love song told entirely in D&D jargon.



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