Assault by Major Weapon

One of Chicago’s longest standing music critics, Tom Lynch, gave a nice write up of old Syb in this weeks Chicago New City;

Local collective Sybris’ “Into the Trees” (Flameshovel) was one of the best local releases of 2008, a killer assault of indie rock coated with a shoegazey spread, a lovely follow-up to the band’s excellent self-titled debut. The major weapon is Angela Mullenhour’s voice, sensational for the material, strong and sexy, part temptress and part girl-next-door, all rock-goddess. The tough, clanging guitars, often distorted to an exceptional degree, blend together with Mullenhour’s croon with sweet clarity. “Into the Trees” is a fine example of a four-piece rock band firing on all cylinders, unapologetic for the noise and to hell with you if you can’t stand it. On top of that, it’s viciously smart material, clean guitars giving way to damaged distortion with ease, and no hook or diversion rings unnatural. Live, Sybris is a force. “Into the Trees” came out last May, and it’s still running around wildly in my head. (Tom Lynch)

February 6 at Schubas, 3159 N. Southport, (773)525-2508, 10pm. $10.

Link to New City Site

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