Critically In Love

Critically In Love
We recorded in Norman the day after Austin City Limits with our friend Nathan at the Black Watch studios. Great place, great sounds, and we were in and out in just over two hours. We recorded a song for a Dungeons and Dragons compilation. It’s going to be huge. We’ve been playing it out quite a bit, so if you’re a gamer and you’re at one of our shows yell, “SPOT CHECK!” and maybe we’ll play it for you. Thanks to all the boys at Black Watch for screaming with us and being our orcs.
Another insane drive followed to get to Indianapolis. We officially went van crazy, I don’t think we were even speaking English anymore by the time we got to Birdy’s. Slowly, we regained our wherewithal as we poured booze down our throats in the company of T-Bone and D-Nice and rocked out to the tunes of the Turnbull ACs and The Coke Dares. If you were at that show, all ten of you, thanks for coming out. Y’all missed out, Indy. We had a rockin’ pizza party with my mom the next day that rejuvenated us. Thanks mom.
Off to Champaign/Urbana! The aptly named Void Room at the Canopy Club welcomed us once again. Thanks to Casados for agreeing to play at the last minute, y’all sound amazing for real. Then there was Carney from L.A. who are on the rock the vote tour, so vote! They ruled. Thanks to anyone who came out and rocked with us, we had fun. Then we disappeared into the night, THE VOID!
We got to kick it in Chicago today. We are recharged and riding to Milwaukee now, even as I type. We are excited to meet A Decent Animal, the band we are to travel with for the next two weeks. What will they be like? Do they like pizza? Do they party? Do they like pizza parties? What if they’re lactose intolerant? Then there won’t be any pizza parties, will there? Shit. Let’s hope for the best
OK. Let’s talk soon.


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