Thirsty for DARK LORD


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So, the Dark Lord Day at Three Floyds Brewery out in Hammond was a day to (try to) remember! I hope no one finds the term “beer nerd” offensive, especially all you beer nerds, but there were so many them lined up from all around the country just for the chance to buy this special brew that one can only buy on one day of the year: Dark Lord Day! I don’t blame them, it was so dangerously tasty and so magically boozy! It was like whiskey-beer. ‘Twas a sight to behold — thousands of people getting shithoused in a parking lot all day on 14% alcohol beer and loving it! Oh yeah, and there were bands! Nothing goes better with booze than rock and that’s just what the syb provided that day along with Rabid Rabbit, Imperial Battle Snake, Mucca Pazza, Bible of the Devil, and Minsk. It was utopian. Thanks to whoever was in charge of the smoke machine during our set. It was like playing in some nebula somewhere. Space, most likely.
Highlights include: the meat pies, the chicken salad, peein by a water tower, meeting a real-life brooklyn cowboy, KC jumping off the roof, ripping on everything that ever existed with Arman, getting ripped on by Arman, pumped guy, signing pumped guys stomach with some kind of plume, the youngster that was ready to give up WW2 history for rock n roll, and of course, the batrillion beers we all drank.
Memories… Thank you so much, Three Floyds!


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