what’s crackin akron/whiteouts

What’s Crackin Akron?/ Whiteouts

So we’re in this snowstorm in Indiana right now, Eric is driving and I’m writing this to distract myself from the road conditions. We’re going 35 mph or something so even though we’re only 100 miles from the Chi it’s going to be at least 3 hrs. We’ve been driving since what, 11am, and its 11 pm now. Not my favorite part of being in a band. But that’s enough of the doom and gloom, you’ll get the wrong impression, we really had a ton of fun this weekend.

Friday we played in Akron at the remodeled Musica where Eric coined the phrase ‘What’s crackin Akron?’. It seems to be sticking as does the curse of the missing leg.

We played Pittsburgh on Saturday. It is very pretty.

The reason for the trip was opening for Brand New on Sunday in Albany. The show was at a 4000 seat basketball arena, a surreal experience for sure as the show was sold out. I think Angela captured it best when we walked in by exclaiming “Whoa, this is big!” The crowd was great, super pumped, and the sound was arena-esque. It was really nice of Brand New to ask us to play, real nice. They put on a great show and are real sweethearts.

Which brings us back to now, some 87 miles from Chicago and still snowing. You know how semi’s seem to fly by you in bad weather? I hate that.


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