We Recorded Our New Album


So we recorded our new album last week at Pacchyderm Studio in Cannon Falls Minn. It was pretty rad…The studio has a lot of history (Nirvanna, PJ Harvey) and is in the middle of fucking nowhere, 48 acres of “old Forest” and no cell phone reception for a week. It also had a guest house that looked like the place in Boogie Nights when the guy was lighting firecrackers and snorting coke. Five bedrooms indoor swimming pool and sauna. The whole place is supposed to be haunted but now some locals are telling us its “enchanted” On our final day the studio grounds were getting prepped for a full moon fest, we were loading equipment out they were moving dreamcatchers and crystals in…awesome.
We recorded it with the lovely John Congelton who is the Paper Chase dude and also recorded Explosions in the Sky and the Polyphonic Spree (and he got to work with R.Kelly..sexxy).
We had a real good time and hope you all enjoy it when it comes out this spring we will be touring all over the country and hopefully the world so keep an eye out…
We have some pictures posted in our myspace pic section and will have some other ones soon when we get off our asses and load them.

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