Soooo embarrassing

Our interview with Roxwell at Austin City Limits 2008.  To our credit there were free tequila shots that nobody wanted so we kinda had to help out the hornitas girls, right?  Special thanks to our sit in bass players and sorry about that Clay.


Like a dream inside a dream

I randomly came across this video of Nap King made by Ganshat on Vimeo.  It really captures the weird dream flow of the song, thought you all might enjoy.  :)  Thanks to Ganshat, whoever you are.

Sybris – Nap King from Ganshat on Vimeo.

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Back to Life, Back to Reality

So what a week that was! A lot of new fans and friends came out of our leg of the Brand New/Manchester Orchestra tour. Not that I was suprised by this but both bands and all their crew are such sweet hearts. Their really all salt of the earth, humble and a fun bunch.

It’s amazing how many stories can come out of one week. Bowling after the St. Louis show with bands and crew ended in a tightly contested match. My team, the Winners, ironically lost by a mere 23 points while the other team pulled some shady member switching. Shawn led the way for them with a late flurry of spares and strikes, looks like all that yoga he’s doing is good for 10 pins as well.   Bowling after playing to 2500 very receptive fans?  Sign me up.

Empty Aragon Ballroom

Empty Aragon Ballroom

Oh, and the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago.  What a show that was.   For Eric and I growing up near Chicago it was the place to see our favorite bands.  I saw Flaming Lips and Hum open for Candlebox (ick).   More recently I saw The Pixies their as well.  The thing is it’s just so BIG.   At just a shade under 5000, a sold out crowd, it was literally a sea of people.  During the first song Angela’s mic stand went limp, shrinking to half it’s height.   Amazingly she just dropped to one knee and kept singing in the now 3 foot tall mic.   She even shimmied up with the mic as it was raised up during the song.   After recovering from something like that without missing a beat how could the night not be magical.

Aragon - All filled up.

Aragon - All filled up.

Yeah there’s a lot of stories, too many to sort through now. It’s all swimming around in a poloroid fishbowl in my head.  I’m sure a few more will spill out soon.



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Set List for October 2009 – Brand New, Manchester Orchestra dates

Oye Vay

10/2/09 Fillmore East, Detroit - Oye Vay! Photo by Joe Gall

Riveting titled, eh? Well I’ve had some requests so here’s the set list for our Oct 1st to 7th dates;

Stag Party (unreleased)
Hobo Detail Shop (s/t – Flameshovel)
Burnout Babies (Into the Trees – Absolutely Kosher)
Neon (s/t)
Hurt Hawk (Into the Trees)
Gin Divides Us (Into the Trees)
Something About a Darkhorse or Whatever (Into the Trees)
The Best Day In History In Ever (s/t)
Oh Man! (Into the Trees)

So there you go, bon apetite.

Fillmore East - by Joe Gall

Fillmore East - by Joe Gall

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We’re a couple of days into playing with Brand New and Manchester Orchestra, both bands have been awesome. Tonights onto a sold out Aragon Ballroom. Picture is from last night before we took the stage at the old State Theatre, I mean, Fillmore East.

Before we played in Detroit.

Before we played in Detroit.

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A Bit More Green In That Fest

I know your not supposed to read your press but hey, if I don’t who will?

“I turned up in time to see Sybris, a band that I’m sorry to say, I’ve never heard before. Where the hell have I been? I should have been listening to this band for the past six years they’ve been together, they are soooo up my alley!…

Go buy Sybris’ album, Into The Trees. I don’t know how I missed it last year, I hope you didn’t!”

If your into that sort of thing you can read the whole thing here;

Thanks Tart and Love Shack, Baby!

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Baby Band – 2.4 “Bye Bye Lazer Van, Bye Bye”

Big day here on Syb Islands as we’re parting with our trusted friend Lazer Van.  After 3 loyal years and over 100,000 miles under her belt(s) I’m truely sorry to see her go.  Oh the memories.  We’d only been with her for a few months when Eric’s over excited champagne christened the entire sticky interior outside of the club in Ypsilanti.  Or when a tire blew out at sunset in New Mexico and a scooby doo villian suprisingly helped us with a jack.  Or when we missed a McAllen show this past spring when the transmission seal blew.  It wasn’t always rainbows, but she served us well.

We’ll miss you Lazer Van.




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Baby Band – Episode 2.3

So Green Fest… here’s a few kindly words for our grunge wrapped, 90′s revivalist selves.  Honestly I don’t see the grunge thing.  We did start as an Alice in Chains cover band though;

Inaugural Green Music Festival
Southtown Star – Chicago,IL,USA
Also impressive was the Chicago based Sybris, which played a set dominated by 1990s indie rock, Smashing Pumpkins- and Sonic Youth-influenced songs.  -
Vittorio Carli

Green Music Fest saves a scorching Chicago (8/17)
Consequence of Sound – Manassas,VA,USA
Nonetheless, Chicago native and 90′s alt-rock revivalists Sybris completely crushed their set. Their PJ Harvey meets Rilo Kiley meets a little arty grunge - … Adam Kivel

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Introducing Sybris iLike Video Channel

…nuff said

Sybris on iLike – Get updates inside iTunes

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Down in that South Texas town of?

Disaster lurks always, lying benign behind genuine joy. Like people who have 3 months to live and who smile because they don’t even know they’re sick. Or like in marriage in general. Or like the most boring act of spontaneous combustion or truck/man collision. Disaster is just there; hangin. It’s not malicious, it’s just there to grey things up a bit and, I suppose, to make us truly appreciate that genuine, uncorrupted joy. Minor disaster has brought us to some town called Beeville or Georgewest, Texas – a place, for the past 20 hours, we have so affectionately referred to as “this place”. “People of This Place, we come from Chicago and our transmission blew out on our van, bring us to your bars.” There are no bars in This Place. We are literally in a roach motel; waiting. Like expectant fathers while their wives give birth behind closed doors, sort of. Which means the van would’ve been “with van” which means someone porked the van. Eeeeew.

We were on our way to McAllen which is right at the bottom tippytoe of the state when the van started to spew smoke. We were really stoked to play because people actually really like us down there. It was kind of the one show that promised to be great. Great bands, awesome people that we’d made friends with, and a growing scene. I just want to say to McAllen that we are so bummed that we didn’t make it down this time but that we shall return in a non-knocked-up van.
What else? A lot of this lil tour has been great. First off, we didn’t get any pizza at the show in St. Louis, so that ruled. We did meet some gentlemen from Minneapolis who put on a great show – they’re called Pictures of Then. Then we stayed at Shawn’s friend from high school’s house. Her name was Elizabeth and I will love her forever because she gifted me with a mandolin. Mandy! I love you! Then we played in Norman, OK. It was cold but there were cheap drinks and we ended up partying with a goat named Sandy. She was so tiny and cute. That night put some holes in our brains. Then we were off to Fort Worth. We’d never been there before but it ruled. We played with some awesome bands. Madeline from Athens and Diamond Center from Lubbock represented! Both bands have ladies in them singing and playing guitar and they both rock. It’s refreshing sharing the stage with other chicks, especially when they are cool as hell and super talented. Not that there’s anything wrong with the usual brodown that a typical rock show entails. Thanks to Brandy and Jana from Diamond Center (and their parents) for letting us crash.

Oh, San Antonio, what can I say? Such good intentions and such great movies playing (Texas Chainsaw Massacre2, Spaceballs) and so many people to see the show, it all could’ve been a dream night. But, alas, some turd stole Eric’s cymbal bag from a hiding spot. Now, maybe it was an accident, and if that’s the case you are not a turd, just blind or something. If anyone who was at the Rock Bottom show on Saturday March 14 and has heard anything about some stolen cymbals from a band called sybris, let us know. That’s a lot of money in them there clangy clangs.
Back up to Denton. This was a sweet show. It was part of some kind of SXSW spillover of bands festival. The obvious highlight of the night was a band from Tel Aviv called Monotonix. All I have to say is that they’re going to be touring the states for a while and if you see they are coming anywhere near you, go! It’s pointless to try and describe it. Just do yourself a favor and check them out.
So, as witnessed above, you can tell that we have been having a pretty awesome lil tour with just a few snags along the way. And we just keep smiling like disaster isn’t kickin’ it inside of us. Light a candle for us at the end of the world.

As always,