Nerd Alert Entry for April 17, 2007

Ohio Spring 2007 Tour – Journey to Serpent Mound

we recorded once again on the lapping banks of lake erie in port clinton, but you’ll have to wait for that tune. Dalton Dominates, nuf said.

vicious burrito attacks van

Sometime after PopFest at Ohio University the van suffured a vicious attack from what appeared to be a chicken burrito. Needless to say the van won. Could this be a sign from the serpent mound?

The show itself was a good ‘ol time. Cotton candy was floating near the merch so we caught it like blue whales catch plankton. (Perhaps I’ve been watching to much of the discover channel’s planet earth.) It’s sad to see that WOXY might be closing down as the southern midwest’s best independent radio, if it does i nominate ACRN to pick up the slack.

great serpent mound und sybris

We arrived near dusk at the serpent mound. It was desolate. What is the serpent mound? A warning to the heavens? Alien visitation site? Ancient freak art? A tribute to the great snake god? An ancient golf course? Perhaps we will never know.


Angela was the most effected by the mounds. Here you see her throwing horns, obviously delirious from the ancient energy of the snake. Cinci represent!

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