A Decent Animal and an Indecent Sybris

A Decent Animal and an Indecent Sybris
So we met A Decent Animal, who we’re touring with for the next couple weeks. It’s an odd thing to meet a band you’ll be touring with. Will they be jerks, have halitosis or crappy songs? Thankfully not. They’re all above the board and fun chaps; it’s going to be a pleasure watching them every night. The other band on the bill, a Celebrated Working Man, was great too. It would have been perfect except for the sparse attendance, shows like this that make you wonder about the music business.
I woke up snuggling two dogs, Chewbacca and Fig, covered in their hair. On the way to Iowa I heard Angela yell “What you looking at? I’m just draining my corn!” Apparently she doesn’t enjoy being stink-eyed by a soccer mom while draining her can of corn out the window. This is how we live, eating cold cans of ravioli, adding hot sauce we stole from Taco Bell, sleeping on couches spooning strange dogs we met the night before.
That night we played at Grinnell College in the basement of a dorm. It ruled. During ‘Hot Slave’ Eric invited someone on stage to lead the crowd in a new dance. “The Emma”, closely resembled the zombie dance from the Thriller video. It was the type of night where everyone ends up dancing on stage and that’s exactly what happened.
Saturday Liz Phair opened for us. Well not exactly. She played the 1st Ave club, the one that’s in Purple Rain. We played after in the attached mini-club, the 7th Street Entry. It was great to see ‘Exile in Guyville’ in its entirety, it’s been in my top ten since it came out. We slept, well, passed out, at Max’s apartment; he has the greatest hat collection in North America, a yodeling pickle and a talking deer head. What else could you ask for?
Sunday we played Spearfish, South Dakota at an intriguing locale, Horses to Harleys. What is South Dakota known for, the state with the lowest population? Needless to say we did not have high expectations. As it turned out it was a really cool show. We had a jam session at Kevin’s house and woke up to fresh cut pineapple and beautiful hill top view. If people weren’t so nice to touring bands I wonder if I’d do this at all.


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