Post Tourmatic Stress (USA!)

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I really don’t know how to begin this one. Days and dreams and nights and homes and aways, they’re all swirled together and I’m entirely alien to all of them.

I can’t even begin to tell you about our tour without sounding cheesy or self-righteous, like we went out and did something really important all around America. And America’s face. So, since it’s unavoidable, here we go. The past five weeks we spent swirling around the states in our van was probably one of the most important times in our lives. We will never be the same.

I’m not about to get into politics at all, but did you know how unreal and hilariously beautiful America is? Especially heading west. Landscapes like supermodels with quantum minds! You’re on a PLANET! I know why we went on tour, duh, to rock but one of my favorite things is just seeing it all. For people with hardly any money we starbathed and sunbathed and punched waves on all four corners of the country. We stayed in abandoned mansions and slept in dunes. We swam nearly everyday. We ruled the land. I’ve heard tale of other countries where artists are respected and kind of part of society, not looked at as losery pipe-dreamers with no money. But here, in America the Gigantic, we can live outside of it all. It was our own America. I find that to be a kind of freedom unique.

So while we slept under stars and in king size beds we also slept on a hell of a lot of floors. Another thing that made me get all patriotic were the people that we met along the way. People just letting us crash somewhere and take a shower and pet their pets and eat. Some were old friends of Unwed Sailor and some were old friends of ours and some were people that we never met before who were trusting, hilarious folks. Amazing people scattered everywhere across the land! And together we stayed up talking, drinking, singing, dancing, and whatever else may have happened that night. We can’t thank you enough.

It’s really weird being home. I think it’s all sinking in. I wish I had words to describe exactly what we went through, but I don’t. It’ll come to me one of these days. Here’s a few highlights I can think of now.

Jay, in Long Beach. Rocking Long Beach and making our sweet sea zombie music video with cousin Jeff. Taking our guitars on the beach with all the kite enthusiasts. Crying. All the dog-whipped people in San Diego. Getting wasted in San Diego. Almost killing one another in San Diego. The desert. The Thing. Axe. D & D in the desert at night and Otis and his lies and when I killed that goblin and Gwen charmed that guy with her magical flute and made him kill his best friend. Eddie Vedder the Beheader. The tippytoe of America, McAllen, TX. Victor!s sweet stand-up. Gardener Parker’s. Ram’s dance party and Austin in general. Swimming in Denton at Seth’s when that one guy ate glass and there were bacon wrapped sausages. Jaret and all his stories. All of us with all our stories. . .. . .
Ok, there’s a lot more. But, you see how my mind is processing these things?

One more thing of importance. Those Unwed Sailor guys are amazing people for real. Without them, this adventure wouldn’t have been nearly the adventure that it was. We got along famously. Their music makes you feel nostalgic for something that hasn’t happened to you yet. It makes you miss a love that hasn’t come along and you didn’t know you were waiting for. Or it makes you miss your jet-pack. Always pining for that jet-pack or flying car you didn’t ever have. Whatever it may be, we miss those guys. Thank you to them for putting up with us. And loving it.

Sooo, enough of this!

Happy Birthday America!


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