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What a country. This is only our 5th day out; away from Chicago, on the road, rockin out and just generally taking it all in. I feel like we’ve been away a lot longer. We’ve covered a lot of ground, we’re in between Seattle and Portland even as I type. I love it out here, makes me wonder why the hell I live in gross old Chicagotown. Ah yes, we’ve seen a lot and done a lot — Let’s begin.

Lawrence, Kansas brought us the Horse Feather. It’s some drink they had at the Jackpot where we played. We played in a jackpot. I am a jackpot.
Anyway, it’s a Lawrence thing I guess; whiskey, bitters, and ginger ale. Brilliant. Dangerous. Mysterious. Lawrence is also where we met up
with our boys, Unwed Sailor, who we will be touring with for the next four weeks. Road dogs! What with the Horse Feathers and all the rockin’,
I’d say Lawrence was a gracious host to the syb.

Syb island is moving — tectonic awesomeness — nine hours west to Denver. Beautiful, beautiful country. I think living in the city you kind of
live with blinders on. Not so you don’t get spooked or even out of choice, it just happens; the narrowness of it all just kind of deflates your perspective sometimes. You usually don’t realize it until you’re surrounded by nothing at all. And cows. Alls im saying is that it feels absolutely wonderful to look as far as you can see and there’s nothing but planet. The syb needed to get some air. The Larimer lounge out there in Denver was a laugh riot. Great peeps. peops? And great tunes. Someone puked all around our van like some Satanic ritual. It wasn’t me this time.

From Denver we had the day off to make the arduous yet heavenly drive to Seattle. We drove about half way and met Phil’s brother out in a cabin
in the middle of Idaho at a state park. It’s home to the largest sand dune in the U.S. Remarkable. We ate pork cooked over the fire and charred
up hot dogs. Unwed Sailor came and met us out there. It was the biggest sky I’ve ever seen. We drank beers and walked around in the darkness, scoping out the stars. I’ve never seen so many stars.

So, we ended up making it to Seattle right in time for the show. It was the most fun show at the Sunset Lounge. I’ve never been in a carpeted bar. It was one of those nights where everything syncs up on stage and we’re just cracking up at how hilarious it all is. Life. Rockin’. Short sweet miracle. We had some friends come out and we had quite the tea party after the show.

Anyway, now we’re stopping at the Safeway to stock up on cans of ravioli. PEACE!


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