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Dudes, I’ll tell you what, it has been a long winter here on syb island. We’ve been staying in; holed up in the practice space with wet feet, stomping on pedals, breaking whiskey bottles and listening to Roger Miller, who reminded us that we can’t rollerskate in watermelon patches or drive around with tigers in our car.

I think we need a van tiger.

Anyway, as shitty as the weather is here in Chicago in the winter, we’ve been having a pretty hilarious time of it all. We’ve been getting back into writing new songs after we finished our new record, which, by the way, will be officially borne on May 20th. Just like Cher, Jimmy Stewart, Joe Cocker, and Busta Rhymes. So you know it’ll be good. May 20th is also my birthday. I’ll be 25 this year. That’s insanity… it’s been almost five years since we founded the syb. What are we doing with our lives?

Slaying, that’s what. And hopefully touring and travelling more and more. Like sxsw, we just got back from there about a week ago. It was fun, as always. We had a splendid time kickin it with the Absolutely Kosher crew, eating best wurst, and watching all of our friends get to rock at there respective showcases and parties. It’s hard to stay in one place very long down there but i was particularly patient when it came to watching Colour Revolt and Anathallo play at Spiros, Cloud Cult at the Emo’s annex, and this sweet Austin band called Transmography at some bar that was about as big as a turd. Bear in Heaven, Pattern is Movement, and the Gang ruled too at Friend Island. Ah, what a blur.

No more blur-outs. right. Seriously though, I want to write here a lot more often to commit things to memory and to share what I do remember from all of our adventures on syb island; a land of mystery and wonder. and piracy! and rumrunning!and damsels! and BLOOD! mwah ha ha ha ha. just a band adrift more than anything else.

soon, angela

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