A couple more blogo thoughts on some new cuts….

By 4casey4(Milk Milk Lemonade)
Last Tuesday we received a message from today’s featured artist giving us a heads-up on a new downloadable track to review. I’ve seriously been loving the song I checked out for a couple of days now and just this evening saw an
Milk Milk Lemonade –

Anyhow, lets have some fun today by way of some indie rockers called Sybris. The Chicago-based outfit had a well received self titled album way back in 2005 that I knew absolutely nothing about until yesterday when I saw it mentioned on
Side One: Track One –

Sybris makes second full length
By Parasites & Sycophants(Parasites & Sycophants)
Sybris just finished recording their second full length at Pachyderm (Nirvana In Utero, PJ Harvey Rid Of Me) with producer John Congleton (Explosions In The Sky, Polyphonic Spree). Since putting out their first record in 2005,
Parasites & Sycophants –

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