sxsw 2007

Nerd Alert for April 3, 2007

yes, I am tardy. so we drove to austin, it’s about 17 hours straight through from chicago, a little less because we stayed at a very stain-ed motel a few hours out. actually i slept in the van. in the morning it’s all wierd clowds and kinda rainy and stuff and then we get to emo’s and load in and before you know it we’re playing songs. totally over before i knew it. too the max. and that’s how it started, like a dust devil.

bands i saw that dominated… land of talk, oxford collapse, colour revoult, dios (or dios malos, not sure what they’re calling themselves these days). circa survive put on a good set and russian circles are a band i’m very happy is on the shuv. MASTADON RULED. i missed about a million other bands that i wanted to see down there, it seemed like everyone’s show was at the same time as ours.

burgers. very good cheeseburgers. i had several.

the best sxsw party was in dallas. we played ye ol cavern and then had a sockhop with raleigh. this is what it looked like.

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oh, and there was this secret show on a pedestrian bridge all gorrilla style and what not. slam dancing and generator fumes. 3 1 2. the fog rolled in during the rockin. most egg salad.



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